Bella Forza

    Product Description
  • Appearance of multi-piece block at half the cost
  • 18” wide x 8” high x 9” deep
  • 62 lbs. each
  • Available in Autumn Blend, Sandstone, and Carolina Blend

SRW block for the ultimate in production rate and ease of installation. The N-Line II block is produced at 4,000 psi minimum verses most all competitors ASTM minimum standard of 3,000 psi block and can be installed in engineered walls up to 24-feet in height which exceeds most other 9” deep products.

Block Profile







(We do not recommend the installation of this product at the maximum height tested but certainly can be safely installed for any SRW application up to 18’ high. Why not install to the maximum 24ft. height? The test data shows the possibility of “roll out”, or the block becoming un-level or someone exceeding the test data maximum install height and possible recourse of that from their customer.)